A good planetary mixer should not be missing in your bakery. This device processes 7 kg of stroopwafel dough in the sturdy stainless steel mixing bowl without any effort. The minimum amount of stroopwafel dough that can be kneaded is 2 kg. The powerful motor and metal gears ensure that the dough hook moves effortlessly through the dough. Despite the large quantities that you can process with this planetary mixer, you can lift the mixing bowl with ingredients with the handle without much force.

Below are all the features of the Planet Mixer:

Powerful Planet Mixer
Sturdy stainless steel mixing kettle of 20.0L
3 speeds: 105 – 180 – 408 RPM
Strong machine with high top speed
Strong transmission with metal gears
Boiler lift with lever and safety switch
Stainless steel protective grille above the bowl
Safety switch in protective grille
Separate start and stop buttons
Strong cast iron housing with scratch-resistant coating
Very easy to clean
Net weight: 76 kg
Device dimensions: W440 x D520 x H790 mm
Power: 230V / 50Hz / 1Phase 750 Watt
Colour: ‘Heavy Duty Gray’

Production capacity:

Syrup waffle dough max. 7.00 kg
Syrup waffle dough min. 2.00 kg

Delivered with:

Stainless steel dough hook
Stainless steel fitting wing
Stainless steel / Aluminum protein whisk

Additional information

Weight 120 kg

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