Analog Chocolate melting machine 3 x 0.8 L


This professional chocolate warmer of the brand ICB Tecnologie and comes complete with 3 pieces stainless steel containers and lids as shown. This bain-marie heater is the perfect solution for melting and/or keeping chocolate and sauces warm.

The ANALOG chocolate melting machines are designed to dissolve, melt and keep the chocolate at the right temperature.

• Durable plastic structure, containers and lids made of stainless steel.
• Removable containers.
• Dry (no water) heating system on both the bottom and sides to ensure an even temperature.
• Analog thermostat to adjust the temperature.

Power 220 volts

90 watts

Maximum temperature range 50 degrees

Size 38.5×26.5×13.5 cm

On request 120 volts

Additional information

Weight 15 kg