Economic Crêpes Electric 230 V

Comfort range: intensive baking. Suitable to bake an entire day.

Perfect for quickly making 1 pancake (1 minute).
Thanks to the convenient accessories it is easy to spread the dough and very easy to clean.

Technical characteristics :

Economic Crêpes Electric | 230 V
• very professional machine
• high-class components for intensive use
• stainless steel casing
• cast iron plate Ø 400 mm
• thermostat
• pilot light
• on/off switch

Technical data:

Voltage: 230V
Supply frequency: 50HZ / 60Hz
Electric power: 3,6 kW
Width x depth x height: 400 x 400 x 170 mm
Working area (Ø): 400 mm
Net-weight :22

Additional information

Weight 30 kg