Picco Poff 50 dops.


The traditional Dutch mini pancakes is consumed a lot at the fairs and events
Poffertjes in Holland are served with butter and lots of powder sugar. The best way is to bake them on poffertjes plates from Cast Iron or Copper.

• 50 hollows of Ø 44 x h 11 mm
• massive cast iron baking plate without coating!
• stainless steel casing
• 2 on/off switches
• 2 pilot lights
• 2 thermostats
• right/left half separatly adjustable
• height-adjustable feet

Voltage: 230 volt
Supply frequency: 50/60 Hz
Electric Power : 2200 watt
Width x depth x height: 570 x 330 x 200 mm
Net-weight: 26 kg

Additional information

Weight 30 kg