Rotate Liege Waffle Maker 4×13


A buttery , soft and Sweet waffle that is typical the Liege waffle.

The 4×13 corresponds to a double waffle iron 4 x 7.
In it, you bake the typical classic Liège waffle.
This sugar waffles, as we call it, they are baked to perfection in a 4 x 13 waffle iron.

If you opt for a rotating waffle iron you can bake 4 to 6 waffles at the same time.
The swivel waffle maker large model allows a perfect distribution of the dough on the two plates. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to turn waffles over and makes the appliance more comfortable to use.
For your convenience, the excess of sugar can drop on the receptacle. Easier to clean.

Technical features :

• Stainless steel frame
• Cast steel irons approved for contact with food
• Drip tray for waste recovery
• Protected controls
• On/off switch built into the control button
• Power light
• Thermostatic control from 50°C to 300°C
• Heat insulation of the element
• Heating indicator
• EC power supply lead for 240 V ~ 16-amp socket

Specifications :

Power: 2600 W
Weight: 31 kg
Size unit: 400x300x360 mm
Size baking area: 330x105x26 mm

Additional information

Weight 60 kg