Saver Package Stroopwafels


Do you want to expand your product or start a food truck with Stroopwafels? we offer a Complete Saver package for the budding entrepreneur. It consists the stroop waffle maker on electricity 220 volt, Several tools and 10 kilos of Stroopwafel backing mix and a bucket of syrup/stroop are included to start immediately your sales. .

Set includes the following items:

-ECO Syrup Waffle I 220 volt
-Syrup Waffles Cutting Rings a set of 14 Pcs.
-Electric Cooking Plate
-Baking Gloves
-Tray for Stroopwafels
-Glaze Blade
-Syrup Waffle Cutting Knife
-Steel Brush
-Syrup Pan
-Cuttingboard with gastronorm container
-Stroopwafelmix 10 kg
-Syrup 6 kg
-Digital Timer


Additional information

Weight 90 kg

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