Waffle Maker Stroop II with digital timers


”commercial” Syrup Waffle maker with digital timer, with cast-iron baking plates suitable for making 8 Syrup Waffles or 2 Supper Syrup Waffle.

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The castiron baking plates has a square motif and 4 distance bolt on the backing surface to get the ideal thickness for the traditional Dutch stroopwafels.

  • stainless steel casing
  • uncoated cast iron baking plates – fix mounted not interchangeable!
  • 2 on/off switches
  • 2 digital timers
  • 2 pilot lights is on during heating, is off when temperature is reached
  • 2 thermostats
  • height-adjustable feet
  • 2x baking surface 250 x 250 mm

Technical data:

Voltage: 230 volt
Supply frequency:50Hz / 60Hz
Electric power: 2 x 2,2 kw
Width x depth x height: 610 x 340 x 250 mm
Working area: 2x 250 x 250 mm
Net-weight : 31 kg

The waffle maker comes with 2 plugs ..

Shipment outside the EU

We ship the syrup waffle maker worldwide! For customers outside the European Union (EU), please contact us via our inquire form.

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Additional information

Weight 90 kg