Poffertjes Grill I Propane 70 dops


Poffertjes are a traditional Dutch batter treat. Resembling small, fluffy pancakes, they are made with yeast and buckwheat flour. Unlike American pancakes, they have a light, spongy texture. Typically, poffertjes are served with powdered sugar and butter, and sometimes syrup (stroop).

-Copper baking plate with 70 hollows
-Stainless steel casing grill
-3 separately adjustable gas burners.
-Power 13,5 Kw Propane
-650 x 530 x 300 mm
-Weight 24 kg

Also available in: 28 dops, 96 dops, 120 dops, 140 dops, 160 dops

On request, it is possible to make a custom-made poffertjes plate.
For more info send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.

Additional information

Weight 90 kg