Poffertjes mix 10 kg

Bake delicious traditional Dutch mini Pancakes and easily to prepare by adding only water.
Extremely suitable for the event industry, Food truck festivals, catering on location, markets and lunchrooms. The Poffertjesmix is ​​very suitable for baking poffertjes on an electric and gas poffertjes plate. The mix has an authentic Dutch Mini Pancake (poffertjes) taste and we do not compromise on the quality of our poffertjes mix and that is why we do not add unnecessary ingredients such as color, aroma and flavors, unlike many other baking mixes that are offered online.

We do not use Vanillin, but a touch of real Vanilla to give our Dutch mini Pancake mix the pleasant smell and taste.

We only work with high quality raw materials such as real vanilla, milk powder, egg powder, buckwheat and first-quality flour to lay the best foundation for the distinctive quality of our poffertjes mix.

Dosage: 1 kilo of poffertjes mix add 1300-1400 grams of water

Preparation method: Mix well with water and stir until smooth.

Yield: 1 kilo of poffertjes mix is ​​sufficient for 150 – 220 poffertjes depending on the machine, gas or electric and the size of the poffertjes Dop.

Mixing method: with a French whisk or planetary mixer

Requirements: oil or baking spary

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Weight 11 kg